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    Muslims praying

    Italian Archbishop Says Europe Will “Soon Be Muslim” Due to “Stupidity”

    Archbishop Emeritus of Pompeii Monsignor Carlo Liberati warned Europe will soon be Muslim due to the surge of Muslim migrants and increasing secularism. Europe welcomed more than a million Muslim migrants in 2015 and 2016. Germany...

    Minnesota-Somali Legislator Who Allegedly Married Her Brother Takes Oath on Giant Quran

    Sworn In on a Giant Quran Minnesota-Somali Muslim Legislator, Ilhan Omar was elected to be a State Representative for a district that includes “Little Mogadishu” November 8, 2016. She took her oath on a...

    Project Veritas: Disrupt J20 Plans to Shut Down DC Metro

    Disrupt J20's Plan to Create Inaugurtion Chaos DisruptJ20 plans to shut down the inauguration by chaining trains together to shut down the Metro. The undercover video by James O'Keefe covered groups under the umbrella group...
    President Putin on his way to meet with Moldovan President Igor Dodon in the Kremlin.

    Putin Launches Biting Attack About Damning Dossier on Donald Trump

    In a biting attack, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday accused the outgoing U.S. administration of trying to undermine President-elect Donald Trump by spreading fake allegations and said those who are doing it are...

    Tucker Hammers Journalist Who Thinks Fake News Is A-OK

    Tucker Carlson hammered journalist Matthew Ingram who came on to Tucker's show to defend Buzzfeed for publishing a salacious and obviously fake news story about Donald Trump. He told Ingram "you have low standards...

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