One of the Nicest Men In Congress Cannot Lead

Chas. Ortel: One Man's Mission to Expose the Darkest Underbelly of a Clinton "Charity"

Big News from Loretta Lynch About Hillary's Upcoming Hanging

Massive College Discounts at Taxpayer Expense - If You Get Here Illegally

One of the Nicest Men In Congress Cannot Lead


Rep. Paul Ryan appears to be a good man, he’s intelligent, and appears to like paperwork. He stepped up to “save the party” when needed but as a leader, he’s missing all the necessary requirements. He knows the truth about the threat to our Constitution, he knows the GOP has been made fools of by…

Big News from Loretta Lynch About Hillary’s Upcoming Hanging


In April, Judge Napolitano said he was “100% certain” the FBI has enough evidence to indict and convict Hillary Clinton but things just got a whole lot more interesting. This next bit of information is big news if people trust FBI Director Jim Comey and the FBI itself. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she will…

Answers For Those Who Hate Making America Great

Tavis Smiley

By Anthony Stark During his appearance on Face the Nation, Tavis Smiley posed three questions that he claimed he needed to know… or perhaps, given the obvious nature of the response, pretended to need to know… the answers to. Relating the candidacy of Donald Trump to events surrounding the Brexit, Smiley states: “Donald Trump and…

Jeh Johnson Knows Nothing About DHS Expunging Words Like “Jihad, Muslim, Islam, Muslim Brotherhood”

Jeh Johnson

Senator Ted Cruz grilled DHS head Jeh Johnson about the expunging of “jihad”, “Muslim”, and “Islam” from all administration reports. “Muslim Brotherhood” is also expunged. Mr. Johnson has not investigated the question of expunged records. Johnson said he has no idea if the words or words like “radical Islamic terrorism” were removed and while he…

Lots of Questions About Transgenders on the Front Line

transgender troops

Ash Carter announced today that openly transgender troops will be allowed to serve. Though it has wide-reaching applications, they didn’t even share the information with Congress or discuss it with them. The first Senator John McCain heard about it was from Kimberly Guilfoyle on Fox News this afternoon. He said he gets his information–  from the…